I haven't always taken photos.   

Infact, I have a career in film & have done for the best part 16 years.  Boulder Prints, for now, is a passion of mine, an outlet of expression for me to channel my love of being outdoors, thoughts and feelings, creativity & climbing. 

Ever since I was 14 years old, I've shot video & documented dedicated individuals or tribes of enthusiasts around the world, it's all I know really.  It started off with rollerblading, I've shot surfing & adventure travel as well as the odd ad for dog food or drinks brands but at the heart of all of these films are people & nature.  

Below is a short piece I crafted for an outdoor bag brand Millican.  

"Here doesn't define the end, but of possibilities for a new beginning. Outdoor therapist Ruth Allen, invites us to travel beyond 4 walls and step into nature, where we can heal, experience and take the next steps on our path."

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I'm interested in making films that positions nature as the protagonist.   When a project comes in, I'm often considering what is natures role and significance in the context of the story we want to tell?  The film below for Soul & Surf, shot in the Algarve in Portugal, gave me an opportunity to make a film about a place & tap into what a place does to those people who visit.

This is where I feel most at home.  Freedom to work with nature and react to the nuances it throws back at me.  The people featured in this film were simply a way to connect the viewers to the place and help them imagine what being there would feel like.  This one is all about mother nature.

If Europe was a ship, then Portugal would be its bow...



When I'm not making films for brands,  I climb and make fun films of me and my friends sorting our feet out.

Here's a recent one from the Peak!

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Over the next few years, you can expect to see me bringing some of my experience in film, to The Boulder Prints, to accompany all the new work I have planned for my photography prints & other new products.